Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Endorse is back!!

I am so excited - I participated in the Endorse Beta testing and LOVED it - they have made big changes since then but still awesome to get money back for buying what I buy anyway!

There is an Endorse free app to download on your iPhone or android - You can only submit receipts dated/time stamped after you have opened and logged into the app
when you open the app - allow logon with Facebook - on the 1st screen will be your offers for the "week" for example mine that end tomorrow are
20% cash back on Diet Mountain Dew, SoBe Lifewater, Quaker Soft Baked Bars, Quaker Whole Hearts, Popchips -
10% offers Any brand: Toilet Paper, Any Brand: Soup, Any Brand: Pet Food, Any Brand: diapers  30% back offer is Nature Valley Protein.
 My daughter in law has toothpaste as one of her offers- I didn't get that one

 I just open the app at the grocery store to remind myself of the offers - any offer you choose can only be used once that week - for example diapers - must be on one receipt - and if you use coupons for the diapers that will be subtracted from your total spent on the item - for example if diapers $20 and you have $2 off coupon - you will be given 10% on $18 - so $1.80 

Be careful with your receipt because you have to take a good picture of it - I don't use my phone on WIFI usually but for submitting the receipt - it works better if you turn WIFI on - the submission goes a lot faster on WIFI- I try to submit the receipt after I put all the groceries away because it has to be submitted within 7 days of date of receipt and the day you purchase counts as 1st day!   So turn on the lights for a better picture - I lay it on the table - open the app, click upload receipt - you need to position the picture so top of receipt is part of the picture - then take the picture - if your receipt is long - there is an add segment choice - click on that - at the top of the picture area is the last line of the previous picture - I position the receipt so that is showing then snap the next pic- if you are not satisfied with the picture there is a retake button- once you are satisfied with the picture - click "looks good to me" button - then the 10 offer items comes up and you click in the box of all the offers that are on that receipt - (for me I chose diapers) then submit (can't remember if it says submit or something else - but you will see - ) I set the receipts aside in a ziplox bag until it processes - a couple have been too blurry and I've had to retake the picture
My receipts have been processed usually within 24 hours - but as they get more users it might take longer. 
They are also giving points for any receipt submitted from almost any retailer- I have submitted restaurant receipts, Walgreen and Dunkin Donuts :) (not airlines or hotels, medical bills or parking violations, event tickets, financial transactions) - even if you didn't purchase any of your weekly offers. You get 5 points per receipt - when your point balance reaches 500 they'll send a voucher for a donation to DonorsChoose in your name - You'll be supporting local public schools and they will soon be adding other charitable organizations.  I don't know how you choose the school but I'm sure when I get to 500 points I'll let you know - at 85 points now.

Helpful hints: try to group the offer items together - so they are rung out together - I bought 3 packs of pull ups ..........cashier rang 2 then bacon then the other pack - I was only credited with 2 - so I challenged the receipt and they took another look at it - so from now on I will group them together :)

If you don't understand something go read the FAQ - when you open the app - upper right corner has "person icon" - click on that you can see Cash Earned, Points Earned, Receipts and Rewards, Settings and Help and FAQ - if the FAQ doesn't answer your question - at the bottom of FAQ is a button to click that will send them an email once you type the question. They have answered me within 24 hours.

Under Settings: click on Reward Payments and type your address that you want your payments to go to - there is no save button (don't know why) = but after you type it in - click the X in upper left hand corner.- it saved my info there

When I participated in the Beta trial - I received 4 different payouts during that time -

I am delighted to get money back for buying stuff I would've bought anyway!!  Happy Endorsing

Friday, June 22, 2012

Adults Bully Also

How can we expect our children not to bully, when as adults we are bullying others?   Don't think you are a bully? 
Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person.
Some of the ways they bully other people are by: calling them names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them, or making them do things they don't want to do. 

     If you see someone else being bullied you should always try to stop it. If you do nothing, you're saying that bullying is okay with you!


I'm so sad to say that I know of a recent event that someone I love was bullied - I do NOT know how the adults involved in this can laugh and joke about leaving out my friend.  If you don't like her - then cut the ties - be an adult and send her an email and say - I think it is best that we are no longer friends - and be brave and give the dang reason - kids don't get along, no common interest or I like Jane and she doesn't like you so now I have no backbone and Jane won't like me if I talk to you.  She has cried real tears seeing the crap that has been posted on Facebook- why don't you do the grown up thing and NOT BRAG on Facebook - someday you will realize you have lost a good friend - but she will still be mine!

And in a Christian opinion - how about when you go to church on Sunday you stand up and brag about bullying my friend and making her cry - and how you all laughed and bragged on Facebook to make her feel even worse. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnet use

This Yesterday morning I turned on the TV to sit with the kids for a few minutes and it came on to the channel that Joyce Meyers was speaking.  I've listened to her in the past, but don't often have time or the quiet to listen much lately.
But here's the point: not even 2 minutes after turning on the television she says something that really caught my attention - Satan uses a magnet to keep pulling you to your past - to keep you focused so much on past things in your life that are bad that you can't move forward - and as soon as you try - he uses a stronger magnet! He causes chaos in your life and if you just recognize that you can talk your way thru a situation in your mind and pray - pray - pray
I know some people that are so stuck in the past things that they don't see the joy ahead of them - they can't just enjoy the moment - surrounded by people that love them.
The last couple of years my friend Susie has helped me open my eyes and ears to hear and see God and how he is working in my life.  I  have often questioned why certain things happened and have said WHAT ABOUT ME! Where is my blessing - She has guided me into opening my eyes to see blessed I am.
I pray to win the lottery -   God's answer - friends and family worth millions of dollars
I pray for a dream house - God's answer - when my husband retired - I kept hearing a little voice in my head   to pay off the house instead of investing the money - pay the 10% penalty for using IRA money before we were 59 1/2 and pay off house - I did some research and found that when "purchasing" your 1st home the 10% penalty is waived for $10,000.  This was our 1st home - WE PAID IT OFF !  I am thankful everyday for that because when I retired I rolled mine into another IRA - and within a year BOOM the market crashed and we lost almost 1/3 of our investment - GONE ...........but my house is paid off and no one can take that from us.
In my lifetime I have set goals and reached them - many never do, I get to spend every weekday caring for my 3 youngest grand-kids- there are some grandparents that never get to see their grandchildren.
So yesterday as my mind created this blog post - I have to tell you - the grand-kids were calm and playing nicely, and as soon as I started typing this post ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE ! They started fighting, I got a phone call about the accident that my son was in months ago, my husband called angry about the insurance company, I got the worst headache, my mom called upset about her eyes (again-) so I got up and just saved this post- until things calmed down .......and so today I've tried to sit down and post 3 different times - and as soon as I do ............the phone rings  - yep husband still angry about the insurance ..........the calm kids started fighting ..............So I am saying out-loud that Satan doesn't want me to write this - BUT GOD WANTS ME TO !  Today is the day .........I'm posting in the midst of chaos - and I've forgotten several things but I am still making my point ---- Satan doesn't want you to be happy - he creates chaos to keep you from God .......because when things go wrong do you say Satan screwing with me ..........Nope say why doesn't God want me to be happy
So my parting words..........if you can open your thought process step back from a situation ... and see that if chaos is around ............It Ain't God .............Stop looking backwards ........break that magnet hold on yourself to move forward ............

Fair weather or all weather friend

My mom used to talk about "fair weather friend" - a friend that is around when things are going good - then she had what she called "all weather friend" - a friend that is around no matter what.

Lately I've been reading lots of blogs, and seems like I'm not the only one that has some fair weather friends - some of the ladies in these blogs have lost their baby or has been diagnosed with cancer or lost their husbands/boyfriends due to the war or given their child up for adoption.   Almost all of them say their friends back away when something bad happens- but this is the time they need someone the most.  Some of the friends will say call if you need anything - and you know as well as I do making a call to say I need something is very hard to do.  I'm thinking a lot of these friends just don't know what to say or feel very uncomfortable being around the sadness.  So I ask you to stop and think - a true friend finds a way to be supportive - and yes I also avoid sadness - but have tried to be more creative in support.

My husband had major surgery a couple years ago, none of my kids could be there with me - some had to watch the kids, some had meetings that couldn't be missed - and I was just gonna sit there by myself - which I know a lot of people do that - but as I was sitting in the waiting room - some of my friends texted me off and on - with just idle texting as we call it - but in walks the pastor of our church and he sat with me 3 1/2 hours until I got the call that the surgery was successful and he was in recovery.  And in that time he didn't look at his watch once nor his phone - we just sat and talked about all kinds of stuff. The comfort that brought was interesting to me since I thought I could handle being alone, but I was so grateful he showed up.

The majority of the people that I've read about have stated all they needed was someone to listen and not judge them - they didn't ask that someone agree with decisions or understand the pain - but just to listen - whether on the phone or in person.  So if you know someone that is having a difficult time right now - give them a call - say how are you doing - want to talk about it and then just listen - say something every few minutes so they know you are still there.

And do something - call and say what night can I leave dinner on your doorstep?
If someone is having a funeral - offer to drop off breakfast - take it in throw away pans - biscuits - scrambled eggs and bacon - and some cinnamon rolls -
If someone is in hospital - pack a cooler for the person with them at the hospital - everyone needs to eat or snack and when my daughter-in-laws mom was in intensive care - the family didn't want to leave the room or waiting room - we packed a cooler with ice and few waters- someone brought subs - chips - few paper plates - and lots of quarters for the vending machine. Another night someone ordered pizza - someone dropped off Starbucks - Each and Everything that was brought meant the family could eat and not leave the area.  For anyone that has experienced the hospital - you know that as soon as you walk away, the doctor makes his rounds -
If someone has been diagnosed with cancer - the treatments zap their strength - offer to go to grocery for them, pick up the laundry and do it - take the dog for a walk, mow the grass, go put out their garbage cans night before collection - ask if they need stamps for bills or cards -

So my challenge to you is to stop and think about the kind of friend you are.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fundraising Questions

I am baffled.  There are all kinds of folks asking for money - the guy / girl with the cardboard sign, the bell ringing Salvation Army person, kids with buckets at stoplights, plea's from Facebook, giveaways for donations, kids selling stuff for schools, Jerry's kids ............what is it that compels a person to give and to whom?

Sometimes I buy the stuff from the kids selling from school(can't resist a cute kid begging)
I've dropped change in the Salvation Buckets because they do good things and in the firefighters buckets for Jerry's kids
I will not give money to the cardboard sign carriers (I will hand them food and/or water) in my area - honestly - most appear to be drugged out .......or so high they can't stand straight so the cities actually have signs asking motorist not to give money to the pan-handlers - one time last year my husband handed a person $5 and we pulled into gas station and GUESS WHAT .........the pan-handler came bought beer at the gas station!  his sign said please help me feed my kids!

Usually not to the kids with buckets (the middle of the road is not safe - and I don't want to encourage the behavior) and yes I know they are raising money for good programs - but really a 10/12 year old playing in traffic carrying a bucket is just not a good thing - put the parents out there with a sign - Raising money for my kids softball team !

So what I'm wondering is what makes YOU give - is it the cause, the kid, the story - and why I'm wondering is because a couple friends are trying to raise money for adoptions and both have hit a stone wall even with offering prizes good prizes like IPAD2 get entries just for donating $10 which you might've done anyways.   And I have tried doing stuff to help them also and fell FLAT on my face am I saying something wrong can answer anonymously if you wish  - I just need to understand so that my next effort at least gets 2 donations LOL

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why adopt overseas - and Pampered Chef

So for the eighteen months or so, I've been friends with a girl that adopted. Her family began the adoption overseas, but God had different plans and she adopted from US.  When it was still an overseas adoption, I asked her - why choose overseas when there are children here that need to be adopted.  It was an eye-opening conversation.

In the USA - families with 4 children are rarely considered- I know you are thinking but I've seen some special needs children that have been adopted into a large family - YES - they were part of the foster parent system - and the foster parents adopted them.
The wait list for baby/toddler is something like 10 years - your income has to be outrageous. 
Overseas will let you adopt based on income/family size ratio - In the USA there are still orphanages but not as many - the shift is to foster care - 
For both types of adoption you go thru home studies - someone comes in and checks out your house/family interaction etc (i really don't know much else that goes on but do know you have to pass)
So then I started reading some blogs of people that are in the process of adopting and I'm saddened by the conditions I read about - Children with Down Syndrome that are left to lay in rooms all day long - couple diaper changes and a bottle with a huge hole cut out of the nipple - 5 year old kids that look to be 6 months old - that can't walk, or talk and shy away from any physical touching - no hugs, no sitting on laps - that is just sad ...sad .... sad.  Because of the countries they are in - the blogs are very careful to not complain too much about conditions because the country will just shut down adoptions. One already has has threatened to. ..........
So I say to myself - a child with Down Syndrome - is just as worthy of being loved as any other child - And my online friend Mandy and her husband and 2 kids are welcoming 2 boys near age 5 from 2 different orphanages .....I am drawn to her blog - and her story .......and her much anticipated trip to actually meet these 2 little ones which she will name Joseph and Samuel.  I have posted about her and her fundraisers but another online friend Susie and I will be having a Pampered Chef fundraiser to help her try to raise the 3990 that she still needs to fulfill the adoptions. 
I'll be posting about that in next day or so ------keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Food and Housewarming Parties

I love food - I love trying food at parties! ------- (and getting the recipes)
At my daughters housewarming Sunday - our friends Pati and Joe put together a yummy caprice (?spelled right?)
So thin slices of tomatoes, sliver of prosciutto, sliver of mozzarella (in milk juice LOL) chopped up basil - sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil - and you put it on small slices of round Italian bread.  Now you are probably saying - oh yes ........I've seen that - but I'm telling you it was delicious -  and you know that cause 3  platters were gone before the cheese lost it's chill.
And my dil makes this really weird salad (but yummy) with ramen noodles, sesame seeds - I think scallions - and a few other things - I am always excited to see that come to a party - I was really hoping my other dil would bring her yummy pasta salad - but Rebecca didn't ask her (dam)

The housewarming was awesome - lots of Rebecca's friends came to see her 1st home. She has always wanted a home with a pool - but I was totally bummed that it was too cold to even put a pinky into the pool - although Shelby donned her bathing suit and jumped right in - THIS IS FLORIDA - not supposed to be cold! - I'm blaming it on days of cloudy, overcast skies. 

We have tote city beside her house and hopefully our friend that is moving soon can take some off our hands - until we have a bigger place to store them. 
Ahhhhh  - totes - are so much better than cardboard boxes - several years ago when my son moved from his shop - I bought the 1st 10 totes - you know the 18 gallon totes for like $5 (they were 3.50) - and we thought then - hmmm these are better than cardboard because the cans don't fall thru the bottom - they have handles to carry them - they seal so roaches don't get in them, they stack easy - and that began our building of tote city - he moved - I bought 10 more- then 10 more - a couple huge ones for pillows and blankets and hangers - They were awesome in storage - which wound up being over a year - instead of 6 weeks.  We labeled them with masking tape on the top edge of the lids - so that when they are stacked you can stand and see in a stack what is in each box - So here is my advise on that: try to buy the same size/brand - along the way we have bought them for various things so there were some mis-matched ones - they don't stack as easy - so right not the same size ones are stacked - smaller ones inside - one lid on top and all other lids in one of the huge ones. -----just waiting for the next move.